• Wyatt Stone Pickleball Jr.

2021 pickleball year in REVIEW

Played 18 Tournaments

Taking 31 medals

Events: began January winning 4.5 and ended in December winning 5.0/Open

My main goal for this past year was to have success in PPA tournaments in 5.0 events. I believe that for 2021, PPA had the largest and best tournaments to represent true skill level within each event. Since June 2021, I finished consistantly on the medal stand in men's doubles...

PPA Orange Cup MD 5.0 Gold

PPA Rocky Mountain MD 5.0 Silver

PPA Texas Open MD 5.0 Gold

Pickleball Hall of Fame MD 5.0 Gold

Major League Amateur MD 5.0 Gold

PPA Masters MD 5.0 Gold

Aggieland MD Open Gold

NP Palm Desert MD 5.0 Gold

I tried Pro events in two tournaments; once playing with Hayden Patriquin and once with Jorja Johnson. Both of these tournaments were in October and I was pleased that even against the true pro players my team was able to play out stong successful points.

PPA Texas Open: 2 win/2 loss

Grabovic,Zachary/Dyche,Jeremy Score: 11-2,11-3

Polowczak,Mark/Spizzo,Damien Score: 15-5

McGuffin,Tyson/Newman,Riley Score: 11-4,11-5

Warnick,Jeffrey/Navratil,Zane Score: 15-7

PPA Championship: 1 win/ 2 loss

Jones,Allyce/Markowitz,"Big E" Score: 15-11

David,Vivienne/Young,DJ Score: 11-7,11-9

Braverman,Jillian/Navratil,Zane Score: 15-10

Having a chance to play with partners that complimented my skill and that I had good chemistry on the court was invaluable. I learned that these two things are critical to success on the court especially in tournaments. I'd be honored to play more tournaments with Jorja Johnson and Hayden Patriquin. I can't wait to compete in more pro events!

My goal for this year is to play exclusively in men’s pro in APP & PPA mastering new skills to continue to improve. I wants to consistently be on the medal stand in APP Pro events by the end of 2022. I am working to improve in single. Singles has been my biggest challenge since I have no tennis back ground. I have had nice results in mens singles 5.0 in the last half of the year but I'm not confident enough for pro singles events yet. My goal is to play MS by mid year. For mixed events, I can straddle playing in amateur and pro based on partners. Ideally, I'd like to be focused on pro mixed events only.

I will continue to practice 4-6 days a week with players of similar skill, train by drilling minimum of 4 times a week and do physical condition daily with endurance and lean muscle workouts (when I am not traveling for tournaments). I am committed to a healthier diet. The effects of trashy food are evident when on the court. My goal is to be as fit as I can be to physically strive to be the top player in pickleball. I plan to play 20 tournaments this year mostly APP or PPA.

I have loved representing the Onix family and being part of the Onix team. I'm veryt thankful for the encouragment and support they continue to show me. I am very pleased to have been asked to be a part of their team again this year and I gladly accepted their geneous offer. I'm also incredibly thankful for Sports Court Texas and Jigsaw Health sponsorships.

Here's to achieving my goals in 2021 and success in 2022!