• Wyatt Stone Pickleball Jr.

IPTPA's Junior Teaching Certification

Even junior players can be effective pickleball instructors. However, there are certain necessary skills needed when you are helping other learn to play pickleball correctly. The IPTPA Junior Mentor Certification Program will provide you with the right tools kit to grow pickleball from a teaching aspect.

I am very fortune to have one of the best pickleball coaches, Matt Laz. He is an IPTPA Director and Master Teaching Professional. He can pinpoint the even the smallest changes to help his clients be a better player. I loved the way he taught from the very start. Matt understood my heart for wanting to grow and share pickleball with people and he encouraged me to become certified through the International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association (IPTPA). For a junior to become certified, they must have a mentor to guide them until they become age eligible. Matt agreed to be my mentor. As of today there are 4 other juniors that have completed at least Level I of IPTPA training and each of them with the exception of myself have been mentored by a parent. This makes Matt and I the first IPTPA III Elite teaching pro and IPTPA Level II junior team. Recently, Pickleball Magazine did an article about us:

Going through certification process was engaging and fun. The first step to completing Level I requires you to participate in IPTPA Teach the Teacher Workshop. This is a fun 2 day workshop where I learned the appropriate skills, progressions and strategies to work with beginner player. To complete Level II, I had to pass a written exam and a skills test.with a minimum score of 80% Matt also had to observe me effectively teaching a one-hour lesson to complete the Level II certification. The primary objective of the certification is to distinguish those who understand the rules of play, have a thorough knowledge of the strategy, shot selections and proper stroke development specific to pickleball, while being able to consistently demonstrate those skills. Initially, I wanted to earn the certification to be sure that I was able to perform all the skill requirements. I wasn’t convinced that I would want to teach other people. However, I have discovered that I love teaching and I especially love helping other kids learn pickleball. I volunteer at Matt's clinics and camps which is building my skills and confidence to become a very effective teacher. You can read about his latest clinic held at Horseshoe Bay Resort which have had rave reviews.

Since getting certified, I get on the court as often as I can volunteering my time to get kids and families turned onto pickleball. One of the things I really appreciate is my pickleball mentors letting me learn from them. I have found that working under IPTPA instructors like Pickleball Rocks owners Rodney and Josh Grubs and local Texas instructors Mat Laz and Rommie Maxey to help them with their lessons, clinics and camps really builds up my confidence when I share pickleball with beginners. In my local area, I put together and volunteer weekly at Pickleball for Kids hosted at Westside Community Center in New Braunfels, TX. I think it is the coolest thing to see kids fall in love with pickleball! I want to see more kids on the court and I really think it is awesome to see multiple generation of the same family playing pickleball together.

Tulsa Oklahoma helping with a series of junior camps 6/4 & 6/11 - 2019

Balcones Heights demo and family instruction clinic with Matt Laz 6/22 - 2019

Balcones Heights demo and family instruction clinic with Matt Laz 6/22 - 2019

Andy Roddick Foundation Summer Pickleball Program in Austin, TX 7/1-2 - 2019

Skills Clinic in Brenham & Bellville, TX with Matt Laz 7/13

Pickleball Rocks Clinic in Hot Springs, AR with Rodney & Josh Grubs 7/18/19

I am looking forward to the next outreach events where I will get to help grow pickleball:

Westside Gym New Braunfels Monthly Summer Program 2019

3 day PB camp in Horseshoe Bay Resort with Matt Laz7/31 -8/2

Das Rec Junior Pickleball Camp 8/5-9

Teach the Teacher Workshop in Horseshoe Bay Resort, TX 8/10

Matt Laz/Rommie Maxey: Tactical Skills - Stafford, TX 8/23-34