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“Dink Like Sheryl" Pickleball Get Away Trip at Horseshoe Bay Resort is a Huge Success!

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

The lady campers weekend, self dubbed “Dink Like Sheryl Pickleball Get Away”, had 2 to 1 player to instructor ratio over the course of the 3 day camp. “Matt and his crew did a fantastic job of differentiating everyone's strengths and areas for improvement. It was fantastic to work with instructors who had their own varying strengths and helpful information. Exciting to work with more seasoned players, a tennis pro, and an up and coming star. ” Sharon Meyer said, upon completing this weekend’s event.

Day 1: Initial Game Analysis - play with the pros

Pickleball enthusiast attending the weekend camp were camp Sharon Meyer who is a USAPA Ambassador in Sugarland, TX and Debra Thompson (owner of Posh Pickleball), Tracy Ache, Lynn Whelan, Lisa Smith, Wendi Myers (owner of Big Frog and supplier of the custom awesome t-shirts), Karin Calhoun, & Tricia Pezzia. These ladies are all members of Sugarland Pickleball Southwest Houston and say that one of their favorite places to play pickleball in their home town is at Houston Badminton Center.

Day 2: Training Day

"Breaking the game down into its individual components and working on each player's strengths and weaknesses within that component was remarkably beneficial." .

- Karin Calhoun thoughts about training day

"I had the absolute pleasure of attending a pickleball clinic at Horseshoe Bay Resort for three days. Matt Laz was nothing but professional. His knowledge of the game and his ability to provide valuable feedback made it awesome. He had a kind demeanor that made you feel comfortable to ask questions. The clinic was well organized with intense drills, tips, and lots of practice. I liked how Matt stopped and coached during the games. He provided a wealth of information and suggestions. As a bonus, we had multiple top ranked players/instructors join us over the three day period. Wyatt Stone, Tory Plunkett, Bill Dunn, and Aldera Boothe all provided additional strategies and coaching. They were friendly, patient, and so knowledgeable. This was the best experience I have had in a training. Can't wait to return in the fall when it is cooler." Tracy Ache

Day 3: Competition Day

Competition winner of "Queen of the Court", Wendi Myers, said "Spending two & a half days with Matt Laz, Wyatt Stone & Team, not only up'd my pickling skills, but filled my pickleball soul. This is the best clinic for pickleball ya'll!"

Featured in the picture wearing the Queen of the Court Crown, Lynn Whelan, said "The clinic conducted by Matt Lazarine at Horseshoe Bay Resort was the best of any I have ever attended. He had other qualified persons to help and assist so the ratio was 1:2. Because we had all played the game and new the basic dynamics he concentrated on those but in addition strategies to win. He is a personable and very engaging coach. His interest in making you a better player is obvious and much appreciated."

Camp Itinerary

Wednesday - Play with the teaching pros: 5-dusk

Coaches: Matt Laz, Aldera Boothe, Bill Dunn & Wyatt Stone

Play points and games with the opportunity for questions and answers with the teaching pros that have been playing with you and against you.

Thursday - Training Day

Coaches: Matt Laz, Tory Plunkett, & Wyatt Stone

Practice drills & skills techniques: 9-11am

Warmup & repetition drills to hit a lot of balls the correct way and develop good muscle memory

Lunch in the film room: 12-1:30pm

Learn how to watch pickleball game video in a way that helps you improve your game

Tactics training: 2-4pm

Practice points with emphasis on ready positions, court awareness, shot selection and last but not leas the inner game.

Personalized 1 on 1 analysis review: 4-6pm

Meet with each participant to go over strengths and area of improvement.

Dinner party: 7pm

Friday - Competition Day

Coaches: Matt Laz & Wyatt Stone

Queen of the Courts Shoot-Out/9am - 2pm

Try to apply everything you’ve learned and be declared "Queen of the Courts"

Winners received a personalized playing video analysis with a score card and won the Queen of the Court diamond tiara.

Tricia Pezzia stated, "Matt and Wyatt made me feel like I was getting a private lesson even though there were several others in our group. They were able to zero in on my strengths and weaknesses right away. Their recommendations have already improved my game!".

Mat Laz

IPTPA Director of Testing & Training & Master Teaching Professional, Horseshoe Bay Resort Head Pickleball Professional

Tory Plunkett

IPTPA Level II Certified Pickleball Teaching Professional, Head Tennis Coach for Texas State, former All-American player and a member of her alma mater's Hall of Fame -

Bill Dunn

IPTPA Level I Certified Pickleball Instructor, USAPA Horseshoe Bay Ambassador

Aldera Boothe

IPTPA Level I Certified Pickleball Instructor

Wyatt Stone

IPTPA Level II Certified Pickleball Teaching Professional & Pickleball Rocks National Junior Player Development Manager

"I had the great pleasure of attending a fabulous Pickleball camp this week conducted by Matt Lazarine. Matt has such an open, wonderful coaching style. His knowledge of the game and the wonderful players that he was able to recruit to assist us in improving our game, are unsurpassed. I loved having Wyatt Stone with us each day. Wyatt is such an impressive young man and was so incredible in working with eight older women. He had a great way with us. Kudos to Ashley, his mom, and Matt, his coach, but maximum compliments to Wyatt. Everyone Matt brought in provided us with instructional gifts." - Debra Thompson


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