• Wyatt Stone Pickleball Jr.

World Pickleball Day Live Stream

October 10, 2020

International Federation of Pickleball hosted World Pickelball Day festivities at Dreamland in Dripping Springs, Texas. Man what a day!

Check out almost 8 straight hours of play.

Pickleball Exhibition Matches:

Game 1: Amy/Walter vs Michelle/Steve

Game 2: Steve/Tenley vs Michelle/Walter

Game 3: Adam/Corrine vs Ben/Irina

Dame 4: Collin/Bobbie vs Kyle/Darjia

Game 5: Irina/Collin vs Corine/Ben

Game 6: Adam/Bobbie vs Ben/Irina

Game 7: Wyatt/Cameron vs Axel/Luke

Game 8: Wyatt/Luke vs Jake/Axel

Game 9: Cameron/Luke vs Wyatt/Jake

Game 10: Kamryn/Carson vs Mia/Cody

Game 11: Liam/Mia vs Cody/Carson

Game 12: Irina/Bobbie vs Corine/Darjia

Game 13: Rob/Ben vs Kyle/Adam

Game 14: Darjia/Bobbie vs Irina/Corrine